So I just realized that the autopilot system in our ships is trash

So I'm not talking about the need to install a whole new computer for autodock or supercruise assist, but I agree that those should be standard by 3307

Today I bought a Krait and was playing around with the SLF and seeing what I could command my ship to do. I realized that certain functions were locked to needing an NPC pilot, and I thought "yeah, that makes sense, things like this require more control and judgement than an autopilot would give."

But later my suspension of disbelief ended and it hit me: NPC crew members are just computer programs. A video game in 2021 can have a computer program semi-competently pilot a ship for dogfights but that technology apparently doesn't exist yet in 3307

Given, giving an autopilot control over guns and stuff could be a huge legal concern, but the enemy ships in the tutorial are canonically piloted by AI, as are the surface skimmers. So what gives with the dumbed-down AI in our ships?


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