So I played a Public Lobby for the first time yesterday…

I used to poke fun at people who would only play Public Lobbies where people type because I had only ever used Discords to find games with voice chat. Would say jokes to my buddies like public lobby players have no friends or are just casuals playing on their phones (that one is probably true).

but after playing a public lobby I can say that it was surprisingly enjoyable. Not only was my lobby full of a lot of high effort players, I never had to deal with cluttered coms, I didn't have to match someone's voice to their name or remember it, I could scroll up to re-receive missed info instead of asking someone or just not remembering, and best of all it was just more chill-relaxed.

If you're like me and never considered trying Public Lobbies, give it a go. For me I'll do them when I don't feel like talking in Discord with people or am feeling generally anti-social.


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