So if all bans are final and permanent, no discussion whatsoever, why did the streamer Tweak get unbanned?

I wholeheartedly feel a mod will delete this ASAP. The censorship is beyond insane. So please read, join in on the post, state your opinions, give me advice , help me please.

A few days ago he was banned and then he used his special.treatment as a streamer and the favoritism and bias that BSG shows toward them to get unbanned less than 24 hours later. Regardless if he had proof of his innocence or not, multiple BSG representatives have told me that no matter what, there is absolutely no discussion or unbans ever. Community Manager Natalino Carlo and from a confirmed BSG employee u/sova13 have said this.

This was in the email they sent me: "The decision to block it is final and will not be reviewed." So, after all this, after the hundred or thousands.of innocent people like me who have been banned and got the same.response, Tweak was unbanned faster that I can take a shit. They have lied to us, gone back on their word, and essentially stolen from me and others.

Nikita said the other day they banned 50,000 people last ban wave. Their anti cheat is by no means perfect, even if 1% of that is false, that means 500 people lost their accounts. 500 people that cant get a review, can't ever play Tarkov again.

It's crazy there was a hacker report of me that was put into the EFT forum. A few days later I banned. Tweak had the same.thing. There is never any confirmation about what we get banned for but if you get banned a few days after a hacker report, and it's looking crazy, then that's probably it. But, u/sova13 told me that video aren't used for bans and it's anti cheat only. So then why did Tweak's proof of innocence video work?

I talked to.him on stream and he said that streamer are in a discord channel witth devs and he was able talk them, but he can't help me out. He even admitted " I know it's not fair, but I can't help ya" something along those lines. So he just take advantage of the cookies and gets to let me smell em, no taste though. I get it though, I would prolly do the same in his shoes.

I understand that streamers bring in money. Guess my 140$ and the 6 or 7 friends I EOD don't matter. I guess anyone but a streamers doesn't matter? Just lie to everyone but make sure streamers are in tip top shape.

The clear favoritism shown is crazy. It's like the end user doesnt even matter to them. Just lie to them.

I work in an ambulance as a medic. I work 48-72 hours a week and sometimes even more. My job is stressful AF, especially with corona rn, and I used Tarkov as a coping mechanism, as a way to wind down after work, as a way to socialize, to not be so goddamn depressed all the time, to play with family, and just to enjoy life and what little free time I have. One of the most gut punches I've had is when my Natalino Carlo banned me from the official discord barely an hour ago after I told him all this and told him that y'all do unban, cuz Tweak was unbanned. Just that not giving AF about you attitude actually kinda hurt.

I just want a review, an explanation, and for.them to stop lying to us. Either say all bans are final and don't give special treatment to streamers or stop saying that And create an appeals process.

If you have or know of anyone that's experienced the same, share it, share your thoughts. Help me get this on the front page, at the very least we can agree that favoritism toward streamers gotta stop, it's almost like they are BSG employees or getting kickbacks or something.

C'mon u/trainfender and u/sova13 why is this happening? Why does your team lie? Why did they kick me from the discord after hearing my story and dilemma? Why am I and others treated like we are crap when we are Tarkov?

I was banned for nearly the same thing as Tweak, from my enemies POV it looked like I was floating/Usain bolting to cover. This was not the same in my screen. I have shitty connection frequently and BSG servers are not the best to begin with.

By the way, I have an EOD account. A 2.23 KD, and a 22% survival rate. I'm female, Im not from China. All the odds of me being a hacker are against. If that can help influence at all, my shitty stats say something.

Everyone who's gonna say, gs ban hacker, haha you got banned, you deserved it etc. No I didn't, and I'm not even gonna reply.


TL:DR Was banned. Spoke with BSG employees who states all bans are final no matter what, no discussion. Then why was Tweak unbanned? This sucks.


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