So, lets imagine we have been told to make new abilities, like what happened with thronebraker. know this won’t happen

the witcher and ciri gwent

My ideas:
SY- ,,black market,, 3 turn cooldown( poison a unit ). Passive. Whenever your unit is poisoned, boost it by 2.
NR-,,the lodge,, Play any spell card from your faction. Whenever you play a spell card give a bronze mage charge.
SK-,Fleet,, destroy an allied unit play a bronze ship or pirate from your deck, if it was a undamaged ship or pirate play any gold pirate or ship card.
MO- Witchcraft- Play the highest base power unit in your deck, then there is a 3 turn cooldown, after which you can banish that specific unit and play two relict cards from your deck. ( Reduce the cooldown for every 3 relicts in your starting hand.).
NG. ,,Informants,, For every two spying units on the opponents side of the board, look at the left most card in his hand and play it and give it doomed)
ST-,,Dol Blathana guard,, charge 1 pick an elf unit from your deck and play it, then discard a card, increase the charge for every 4 elf units in your starting hand, increase charge by 1. If Francezca Findabair iš in your deck, boost the palyed unit by 2.
I know it dumb and probably kinda broken, būt i'm just having fun. Thoughts?


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