So lets talk about how the “network loss error” happens.

Before you comment. These are based on my opinion only.

Now. People keep posting about the bug, yet nobody even talks on how it's even happening. I did a lot of findings (even tried to replicate it with some people. They take the credit for it as well). Here is what we could find:

  • The "network loss" error happens more often on console than PC

Could be the reason of unoptimized game on consoles. Because they have more issues than PC does.

  • The error doesn't happen when playing with friends whenever in private or public matches.

The chance of it happening with friends is below 1%. But it's somehow more frequent in storm shield defenses.

  • Faulty afk system.

It may detect some "standing still" behavior, and it will kick you no matter what action you'll do to prevent it.

  • There are reports of it happening with squads, but it happens more often when playing solo.

My friend and I got the error mostly when we're playing on our own. But once we're playing together in a squad. This never happens at all in normal missions, but we got the error once when we were rebuilding canny valley endurance.

  • It happens during the first 11 minutes of a match if you build a lot. And it happens in any mission.

This may be related to the old retrieve the data bug that caused the mission to not being able to start

If you guys have any other way of it on how the kick happens. Please say so.

What would be the most suspicious cause?

My take is the Faulty AFK system. Because back in several seasons ago, people would complain the afk system would kick them even when they try to eliminate husks or build structures. But I don't think it's the people who kill husks in the last seconds of a defense count here. Anyway, it's probably the afk system that is causing this.

My suggestion for Epic is to start adjusting it so it may fix the "network loss" error. And maybe put an end to public matches afk people.

Anyway, here you go u/Chryztos and u/Magyst. I hope you can figure a way to put an end to this.


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