So many new fleet carriers…

I keep seeing post after post of newly purchased fleet carriers arising due to last week's community goal. While I'm super happy for all the commanders that were able to save some money on their FC, I just wonder if anything could be done about the FC congestion in popular systems.

Random thought: maybe add a time-sensitive fleet carrier access permit to all systems within 20ly of permit-locked, engineering, and CG systems? You get 3 hours in system and then if you haven't left your fleet carrier gets automatically moved to the nearest available slot outside of the 20ly zone. I'm sure there's a flaw or exploit in there somewhere, and I don't think anything can be done about Rackham's.

Edit: I want to mention that I also own a fleet carrier, have owned own for a few months now, and am aware that my own carrier also contributes to the system congestion. I would be happy to be subject to any elegant solution to the issue that makes sense from a role-playing perspective.


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