So, Now they’re making progress with fixing Odyssey, what about making plans for VR?

Since it's looking like they are making some headway into taming the Odyssey launch issues, it strikes me as a good time for them to have a think about their position on VR in Odyssey's future. It would mean the world to VR players to even get a statement that offers a glimmer of hope, without any firm details that could talk Frontier into trouble, but presents a more optimistic future than their most recent "no current or immediate plans" position.

I'm talking about a statement that reads something like "Currently our focus is on the pressing issues in Odyssey, and once we have stabilized it to a standard we are all happy with, we will work on porting it to console platforms to reunite our player base. However, we are delighted to announce that, after the console launches, we will be turning our attention to VR. Given the steps that have to be taken before we revisit VR, this isn't happening any time soon, but while VR players are `at the back of the queue` we look to reassure them that they aren't being left behind. Although to reiterate, this announcement is merely a statement of intent and we aren't commiting to any specifics, deliverables or deadlines."

What do y'all think, is that a reasonable askance or is it "too much, too soon"?


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