So sick of warrior SK. Why devs love them so much?

witcher triss merigold gwint

Since the Master Mirror Expansion, warrior SK's TLG meta report average score is 4.43 points. No other faction comes close to this, and SK has never dropped below 4.0 points, which is crazy.

For a year, the Warrior Deck dominated the meta, but since the Way of the Witcher, they didn't get enough nerf. Instead, SK even received a Eist, which is the most powerful card in the game according to kams134.

Contrary to popular perception, last season and this season's top winrate deck was Eist warriors, not SY lined pockets.
Last season, official statistics were posted on the reddit and it tells us that BoG beat LP and boasted the highest win rate,
This season, according to, SK’s win rate is higher than SY in the Pro Rank top 500.
Even in this situation, devs said that Eist is FINE, and gave only a very small nerf compared to Cleaver and the Masquerade ball.

I hope that devs will take the actions SK deserves next month.


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