So this is what it feels like…

I’ve been playing Tarkov for a few years now. I always play solo and I’ve had my shit pushed in by 3 mans for as long as I can remember.

I heard someone unlock the military checkpoint by new gas station on customs and I froze. Then I heard multiple footsteps. I bid my time and out comes one player, headshot. His buddy followed in his footsteps and I was able to land a headshot on him with the same spray. Then the nades started. I took cover and waited. The third and final player came out pre firing my general location and I was able to punch him down.

What a rush. This is the adrenaline I’ve missed from tarkov. This is what it’s all about. After extraction I had to take a break and clean out my shorts.

I tried adding one of the players to express how much fun it was getting into a fight like that and to see if they wanted to party up. Unfortunately they declined my request but if you guys see this, thanks for the rush! I’m sure you’ll get me back in time.


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