So we got tired of eating cooked meat all the time…

After the silver mountain, my son went into train-the-bow to 100 mode, which involved him cycling between chopping down forests, making thousands of wood arrows, and firing them into the floor until the bow breaks, repair and repeat.

I asked him what he needed, and the answer was more iron. Back to the swamps for me, only this time in a full max upgrade wolf fur set, and Frostner and a silver shield. Ohh they were going to pay.

I go to the larder. Our sausages are out. I go to the thistle bin. Nothing there. I then have a little chat with my son

Me: We are out of sausages

Him: Eat cooked meat

Me: That stuff? Ugh. We can do better.

Him: It's only 20 health. We have pigs galore. Eat it.

So I do cooked meat. Except there is none in the bin. Out comes the raw meat, and once again I prove I am a Chef by only burning 30% of it into coal. "Got some coal for the furnace son!". "Dad you suck at cooking!"

Into the swamp I will go. This time I will be the terminator robot and nothing is in my way. Except when I charge the leeches with Frostner, I get poisoned. The health mead my son made me keeps me alive…barely. My Stagbreaker is pretty garbage. But I plow on into Crypt11. And inside I find a Draugr spawner.

Now I had seen this video from some guy who I probably should remember their name but I cannot who farmed a spawner in a crypt until he got his Draugr Elite trophy to make an Iron Sledge. And this clicks, so I decide to do it.

There is a doorway. Draugr with bows stand off. I stand away from the doorway, full draw, then strafe and release, and strafe back for cover. This either kills it, or it comes for me now, and I time a parry with the silver shield and let Frostner have its way. Melee types get the parry and punish routine. And elites, well I practice parry on them too. After about 30minutes my trophy drops.

I think iron sledge only needs 100ish iron, and a whole lot of Ymir flesh. "I am going to make an Iron Sledge! It will be glorious". My son is so involved in shooting the floor he does not hear it, and complain about me wasting the iron we have left on a sledge. We have enough. And all of that gold in the bin, well now I had something to spend it on. I even buy a fishing pole. It is Black Friday for me!

Into the swamp I go, this time for real. And it is a path of destruction. Surtlings? Muhhahah, charge the spawner and BAM BAM them, and dig a new Surtling trap. Draugr? Shield block and Frostner smash. Same for those skeletons. And the blobs and ooze spawners die in droves to the sledge. Even the leeches go down in 2 hits. FUN! I polish off Crypts 11-14, cart out all the iron. I have conquered our swamp!

I ask for help carting out the iron. My son is too involved in shooting the floor. So I do the multiple trips through the swamp, laying waste to anything in my path. So much fun! I get the ship home, smelt up the iron (we are now up around 60 bars from where I started). My son is finished with skilling his bow. He is 100. We have no wood. We have a conversation-

Me: So umm, I was thinking in the swamp. How about we go raid a plains biome and come back with a big load of Lox meat? That sure will beat cooked meat.

Him: You want to go do that? Sure lets do it.

Me: I have no sausage, I will need to go thistle hunting first.

Him: Here I have 12. Take half.

Me: OK what do we need.

Him: Lets not mess around. 400 frost arrows, split between us.

So we do it. The target: a plains southeast of my little plains farm island. We land, and bust up the boat. Feels like Troy for me. No going back! Wait, that is not quite right, we can rebuild it. But Troy anyway! Dump box and portal goes down. We are buffed, with Draugr fangs and frost arrows, and it was morning.

We start easy. I have my shield out, fearing deathsquitos. We find a Lox pack quickly, and we open up. It is disgusting…his 100 bow skill and my pile on means they can not close and just die. He hits them with full strength draws with just a click. The only problem…he wears out his bows fast. He makes a 2nd Draugr Fang. Now we are cooking with gas.

Fuling cackle greets us. They too go down before they can close. We find a Fuling camp. Do we dare? WE DO! He takes point, and I follow on a rear flank, firing in the same direction he does. THey come from the initial snipe, and we mow them down. I concentrate on tagging the ones that are moving fast, and he just mows them down. His confidence is soaring and he bounds in mowing the camp down. We secure barley, and a lot of black scrap which we can do nothing with yet.

We explore the island. I am getting better with deathsquitos, using my bow more, and not turtling around as much. We take down another 3 camps, another 4 herds of Lox, and a whole string of deathsquitos. By the gaming day's end we have cooked Lox meat and Lox fur capes, we have 3 stacks of scrap in the box, and we did find flax. The upgrades from silver feel amazing since we just skipped most of the iron age weaponry and only made axes and picks.

But where can we go from here? Moder is next, and we have no clue where she is. But for now we are victors.

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