So what now?

A while ago I really got into elite dangerous and I loved this game so much but recently I haven't really felt motivated to play. I started as a asteroid miner and then later on became a bounty hunter. I accumulated a ton of credits and decked out my cobra mk III with the best parts. But now I don't really now what to do. I have millions of credits but nothing to really use it on. I guess I could grind to get the like 50 millions to get the really crazy ships but why? To be able to do missions easier and get more virtual currency? I just see no point in playing further which is truly a shame because I'm not even bored of the gameplay really. I just dont feel like I have any purpose in this game. Does anyone else feel a similar way? I don't really now what to do. Should i start from scratch again and try being something else? Should I just stop playing? I don't really know but it would be nice to have some sort of goal in the game.


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