SOL should be OPEN for EVERYONE, Mostly to help new players learn the game

I have like 300+ hours in Elite, But I am not even close yet to be available to visit SOL. I know if that is your goal you can archive it easily, but still. I believe SOL should be open for everyone. And more importantly, for new players.

Many concepts in Elite are hard to grasp, the learning curve is quite large. I am sure most players stop playing a couple of hours In and never get back into the game. There is a lack of motivation to learn.

I think if your spawn is in SOL, or you can visit it without a permit. It would be an awesome playground for new players. It would help a lot to learn concepts like distance, planet names, where to find things, What the hell is a space station, types of planets, ships, etc.

If you reduce the variables you need to learn in a given time, The easier It will be for new players to learn. If they are learning in a known environment like SOL, many variables like names, distances, etc are easier to grasp and they can concentrate in learn other mechanics in the game more easily.

It would be MAGNITUDES easier to do your first mission to Saturn to kill a bandit or to drop some supplies than: H33R-3 NEED FOOD, YOU ARE IN Y433T. GOOD LOOK COMMANDER.

Thanks for reading. It's just feedback I liked to share.


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