Solo bonemass

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

This is my second solo playthrough (this one is with just troll armor). I killed bone mass today. I was killing bonemass just fine until i got the cold debuff. His health was low just needed one 3 strike combo., But i died. And then i came back and saw a swarm of blobs all around and archers. Hence another death. This time decided to sleep and wait out the cold debuff. Woke up ate some food and went back, only to realize he had healed more than 50percent and i had just one poison resist left. Nevertheless i continued. Killed all the mobs and was fighting bonemass with half my health.
Fps dropped… Got hit.. and was at super low health. It was then that i remembered something. The corpse run buff. I had 2 corpses there.
I got that and went ham on that oversized blob. Finished it off, and im happy. I dont think this counts as cheating. I did not make those tombstones to cheese the fight. They were there. i believe it was game knowledge and quick thinking. What do u guys think?


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