Solo game – all the sudden I’ve got video lag

New Valheim update

I'm playing my 2nd solo playthrough (fifth overall) and I've never had a second of lag in this game, even when I hosted the game for pvp while playing on that same machine. Now, playing solo, I'm getting video lag randomly and it doesn't clear up.

I first noticed it in my new mountain base, when I looked a certain direction. In a typical video game, if you've got graphics maxed for your rig and a game throws too many objects in to be rendered within a particular vision field, the game will video-lag. Thing is…the only thing in that directly is the square tower, about 5 x 5 blocks and maybe 8 high, the only thing that remains of the original ruin.

Once this starts, if I teleport home to my main base, then it really lags badly. Doesn't matter where I'm looking once this starts and I'm not sure what to do about it. Frankly, this go-through, my main base is pretty humble. Still all the comforts of home and some bees/crops, but for the most part, it's nothing spectacular…merely functional.

I've got a liquid-cooled GFX 3070 system so I know it's not the machine. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?


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