Solo minimalist runs

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Does anyone else do solo/minimalistic runs/builds? I'm running solo and asking friends for help with boss fights when necessary, and my only base is one of the run down shanties you find when exploring the starting area. Browsing this sub is a little depressing and overwhelming seeing all the insane builds, which is the reason i've avoided even coming here in the first place, until today. I wish I had friends with a matching work schedule and the same goals in mind and play speed, to really make for a prosperous game. I chose solo on my latest playthrough because of these issues. My friends either play too fast, or too slow, and our schedules don't line up well. Anyway, just wondering if I'm alone in this, or if lots of others play the same way. I have yet to farm a single piece of iron. I'm well into bronze, but I don't have any meads made, yet. I got a little discouraged this past week when the oven timer went off IRL and i got up to put food in the oven, only to come back to a Troll destroying my home, and my character naked by it's bed. When I surveyed the damage i lost quite a bit, including my may pole. F in chat, pls. lol
I haven't played much since, but I plan to get back to it the next week I have off. (I work 7 on 7 off)


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