Solo story

A solo mini adventure.
I ventured into the mountains for the first time, too impatient to wait 2 days for my frost resist brews to finish. I was placing fires down every 50ft. Staying low near the edge and looking for wolves. Night fell and while sitting under a impromptu Wall and roof to recover from a blizzard, I hear the wolves start to howl, and as I peek around the wall, two wolves rush me, growling and biting. I managed (panicked swinging) to kill them with my iron mace and only lose half health.
While looking at the new recipes flashing on the screen I hear a different, more terrifying sound. I see a tall figure approaching from the shadows. It appears to be a mix of werewolf / bird-man thing. It roars and begins sprinting straight for me. I quickly decide I do not want any part of that, and start running down the mountain only to bump into a tree swinging Troll. I back track hoping to lose the Troll but the other thing (Fenrir I later observed) was right there. Luck was with me for they both quickly forgot me and engaged in a titanic struggle to the death. Many trees fell during this battle as I braved a few fire arrows into the brawl. With the Fenrir having fallen to its club the Troll zeros in on me. I wade back in with fire arrows and laid low the tree swinger and claimed my prizes! After a quick search of the area I downed two more wolves with sneaky arrows before deciding to head back to home base.
Altogether, an adrenaline fueled little foray into the lower mountains.


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