SOLUTION: Valheim audio problems with Voicemeeter

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Hi everyone, I wanted to make a PSA post about audio in Valheim if you're using Voicemeeter.

I feel like if I have this problem, others possibly do as well.

I found while I had my desktop set to default audio, and I was routing through Voicemeeter, Valheim wouldn't provide any sound, while youtube, overwatch, discord, etc. all did. Today while setting up a dedicated server, it occurred to me to try to route Valheim DIRECTLY to the driver I wanted it to go to.

Once you open the game, go to your sound settings>Scroll down to "App Volume and Device Preferences">Find Valheim and change the Output (the top dropdown box) from default, to what you would like it to be; for me, I set it to Voicemeeter Vaio 3, which is the routing for most of my main applications. Once you have this set, close down Valheim, then re-open it, and it should work.

I'm not going to say this works for every virtual mixer, but I feel like the similarities could work across the board.

PS: I'm sorry I wasn't sure which flair to use, I was hoping for a troubleshooting flair, but discussion works for this too


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