Some good systems to loop cargo missions for materials?

Basically looking for a place where I can run cargo missions between two nearby systems. Something chill for when I want a break from running PVE missions.

  • I'd do Taygeta/Electra…except getting hyperdicted every other jump is kind annoying.
  • Canopus/Exphiay is actually not that bad. Obviously it's better known for being a good place to grind Fed rep, which I was recently doing for a Corvette. Only complaint I have is Canopus's station is some 40k ls from the drop-in star.
  • Yes, I'm aware of Robigo Mines passenger runs. I'm not a particular fan, mosly because of the whole "getting scanned" thing. Yes I know you almost never get scanned, yes I know I could just pop a heat sink, but the whole idea gets in my head and make it not fun.
  • Finally, yes I'm aware this is not the most efficient way to get materials. I'll take the hit to efficiency for something that won't have me bored out of my skull.


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