Some good tips for Naga as a begginer

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Hello guys I am 1k scrub recently found out naga to be very good and almost pub stomping. I generally go wb->bos->diffusal->pb->manta->skadi->heart->butterfly/whatever needed if the game goes on that late.

That being said, isn't the hero absolutely bonkers? I can farm faster than most other heroes if given space and that too from very low levels if lane is tough. Even in lane I am very strong with all the illusions. After I get manta by 20-22 min, I join fights and reach skadi by 25 and heart by 30 and literally be 1 item ahead of enemy carry and with non stop illusions. Isn't this too cheezy?

I may sound crazy but really how are other carries better than naga when I can farm faster, have better lane presence, have better late game all with an op teamfight ultimate….

Well anyway I have found naga to be very interesting and wanted some pro tips from naga spammers out there any lane tips particularly because it's the part I suck the most in… And tell me how is naga countered so that I keep that in mind while playing naga.. thanks 😊


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