Some ideas and gameplay adjustments ive had while playing the game for a month now

Been playing for a month now. I've enjoyed it but man does it frustrate me the things i constantly go through in this game. From the online to the players you'll interact in this game. I get it only 3 people actaully work on this game and updates are coming soon so for now im only criticizing the game currently and hope my gripes with it get fixed in later updates and see what others think. I'll just go in order from when you start up the game to a match finishes.

Lobby rooms. I think they're severly limited. Not alot of options to change rules when you crwate a room. Can't change the imposter count or maps once you start a lobby and i dont see why. Other rules can be changed on a gameplay basis but not map and imposter count.

Be a nice touch if you can give lobbies names instead of just using the hosts usernames. I saw that certain lobbies made their rules in a match like hide and seek and be great if that can be communicated better.

During gameplay it be great if the game can label players who disconnected or quit. If disconmection issues are still prevalent that it be nice to at least give notice.

In terms of gameplay adjustments, theres some that would be great to have as options and permantant additions. Whenever a crewmate js killed. It is immediately reported without another player finding the dead body. I just think the games should be as customizable as possible.

Seeing a players vote history i think would be another interesting change to gameplay. Again make it optional. Theres alot of things i think that can be adjusted tjats just one of them becuase there are alot of thongs to take note of amd figured that be an interesting meta game changer.

When it comes to to doing tasks. I think that that needs a massive overhaul. Whether it should show players during discussions who actaully did tasks. Gain ejection immunity by being the player who completed the most tasks or punsihing players eho dont do tasks by lowering their speed or having their locations revealed at all times to encourage a kill on them or something.

A new vouching mechanic. Being able to vouch for fellow crewmates as a way to express that players trust other players. If that player were to be ousted as an imposter, then they be marked for high sus count as well.

I also thought about players electing a leader and have their votes count as two by giving them your vote but that might just be broken

Imposters should get the ability to kill one another. The fact that imps can vote each other out in a traitoroud fashion should be exteneded to include killing as well. I think this can get out of hand easily and many mistaken kills taking out of place but i think that makes it even more hilarious.

Finally what id want is ranking system. I dont know how it be implemented but it be great to play with competemt players more than bad one but hey we'll see.

I think thats about it. Any othe rideas il lupdate it later.


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