Some ideas for the future

Walheim - five bosses

I'm sure some of these ideas have been talked to death but I figured I would just throw these out there and hope that something sticks

I really love valheim so here are some things I thought would make the game more fun.

Use resin for staining/protecting wood

Make a diablo style inventory screen for armor and weapons

Make a light armor equivalent for each animal in each biome. The skull/trophy is the helmet (deer,boar,wolf,leech)
Each one having its own bonuses. (deer makes you run faster wolf increases attack speed etc)

Add bears

Make a sharper angled and flat roof

Make all food sources a farmable item (berries flowers)

Make paint patterns as a decoration for houses

Make a throwing axe that comes back when your throw it

Ridable bird mugin

Angled stone

Duel wielding

Better stone textures

Magic ?

Clothing dye

Make building a skill
As it levels up your constructions have a cleaner and sharper texture to them
Straighten the wood

Make sailing a skill (faster rowing, faster turning, wind favor ability)

There is obviously so much more that I missed but this game has so much potential. I just want to put it out there because who knows right.

Let me know if you think I missed anything that would be cool.


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