Some issues I see happening with Tarkov that need some form of action.

Hey guys, I love Tarkov. This game is one of the best FPS games that I have played in the recent past few years. However I can definitely see some issues on the horizon, as well as on the welcome mat, that make this game infinitely unenjoyable. Making people like me not want to recommend the game to my friends. With this post I hope to clearly outline some of these issues so that we as a community can discuss them critically, and possibly offer up clear solutions. Call it a workshop if you will!

Issue #1: Hatchlings. For players like me that dedicate all their gaming time to one game, this sort of thing really is game breaking. This game rewards no risk with high reward. For some of you, that sort of thing makes sense and is perfectly okay. However, when we describe this game to our friends we call it a hardcore shooter MMO with semi-realistic elements. I don't think sending someone into a an area with nothing but a hatchet makes any sort of sense when there is a clear and present danger. Perhaps Scavs need to be placed more strategically around high loot to prevent hatchet runners, or maybe loot needs to be changed into something more Dynamic to prevent this. Eitherway, it is a problem. Night time interchange and anytime Rezerve offers no gun fights and nothing of substance in terms of game play. My discord refers to it as school shooter simulator, and to be honest that is kind of what it feels like. Leaving the hatchlings to scoop up all the loot and die with it in their gamma container is a bad game model, and it needs some improvements.

Issue #2: Grenade Launchers. While the stationary mounted AGS is perfectly fine on Customs and Rezerve in my opinion, the hand held GL is definitely not. Players running labs with nothing but MK-18 and Grenade Launchers is kind of the opposite of a good idea. These items, while they aren't going to keep you alive 100% of the time, offer success rates that no other weapon ever could. In realistic terms that makes sense, but in game terms that is game-breaking. Even while the grenade launcher has been nerfed that is game-breaking. Being able to walk across a doorway and pull a trigger to watch some guy holding a tight angle fall down that might not have even seen you due to peeker's advantage feels like a punch to the Jaw Head Eyes. This particular issue is hard to find a workable solution, but currently I feel this weapon does not belong in the game until it is reworked into a fair manner.

Issue #3: Ammo/Armor Availability. While currently the best ammo in the game is always available with level 4 traders, it doesn't feel like something that should be available. Restricting certain weapons, ammo, and possibly even armor to found in raid status would really increase the value of these items and make gunfights not always so one sided. Making the best ammo less available makes armor more valuable. Making T5+ Armor harder to find makes ammo more valuable. It is a give and take, and yes it would make SOME fights more one sided, because those players got lucky and found that ammo or armor, it would definitely put everyone on the same playing field for longer in my opinion.

Thanks for reading through, I understand I didn't thoroughly go through all these issues but I wanted to bring them up for discussion to see what the community thoughts are around this topic. Feel free to tell me I'm a piece of shit or that you agree and have ideas on how to improve things! I hope to hear from you guys on this stuff.


Oh also…

Anecdotal Issue: Bitcoin Farms. While this isn't exactly an issue, I just feel like something needs to be said about this. I have Level 2 Bitcoin farm with 25 graphics cards, and I literally cannot lose money. I have been steadily going up all wipe and find it hard to actually not make money because of this farm. I think the time for how long it takes to produce should be doubled or tripled. One man's humble opinion, that is all.


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