Some “miscellaneous” additions and improvements I hope to see in Odyssey.

  • SAVED LOADOUTS. Quick and easy. Less time in the hangar, more time in space. Also extends to transferring entire loadouts
  • Purchasing modules directly to cargo, hauling them, and engineering them unequipped. Breathes new life to Type 7s and 9s
  • Hardpoints and Utility modules stored in cargo that can be swapped outside of a station. The ship needs to be shutdown for the swap and a worker limpet or ship launched worker pod must be deployed to do the swap. Remember to collect the discarded hardpoints before leaving
  • Advanced Flight Assist. If a target becomes obscured from route by a body, flight assist will not head straight for the blocking body, instead it orbits around just enough to realign the target. A smoother route but it takes longer than the regular flight assist
  • A landing pad facing camera view when landing manually
  • Remote control for Limpets
  • Recalling Limpets
  • Playlist actually being able to load and play songs and other playable files (podcasts etc)
  • A constellation HUD can be turned on and off
  • Stations greeting you by your rank. It depends which jurisdiction the station is under in. If you're in HOSTILE space the greeting could be more unwelcoming or indifferent. If you're WANTED, expect a warning message coming your way, maybe in the lines of "You are under strict surveillance in this station, you have been warned".
  • Fleet Carriers you are not allowed docking access to should have their nav beacon deactivated and should not appear in the system map too.
  • The NPC multicrew's sprite should appear in his/her seat in the cockpit. And please make them look better too, not in a cgi aspect but in a handsome/beautiful way, or at least add those in the mix.
  • Equip a handheld game of some sort that can be played while in hangar, landed, stationary, on foot, in station, or in supercruise. The classic Elite game perhaps? Classic Elite minigame. Basically a minigame handheld device. A Nintendo 3306, if those still exist.
  • Bring a PET with you in your ship. I don't care if it's in game or store purchase. I want a dog barking at every star that appears after jumping. I want a cat sleeping and purring on my lap during supercruise.

That's all I can think of for now. What extra things do you want to see in Odyssey?


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