Some news from the Russian Podcast from 6 Nov 2020

Few days passed and nobody made any summary of the podcast from 6th November. Here are some notes of the stream that took place with Russian streamers. It's at least little something because the English twitch stream was cancelled.

Russian speaking users are free to double-check/correct me and I will update it. All info is based on the following:

  • The team is now fixing bugs so the next update [12.9] is expected to be a QoL update. The main issues in the works are: lobby problems, freezes, matchmaking ("reoccurring bugs")

  • The team is facing the difficulties with maintaining the code. Any small change requires a lot of effort and many things are affected in the process.

  • The team is tired af, they are also coping with a burnout (but your positive feedback keeps 'em going), the gaming industry is overall facing other problems regarding NDA's because of Covid. No big changes are expected for EFT because the team wants to take holiday at the end of the year.

  • The KS-32 and the 'Star' flashbang round: The round and gun perform as expected by Nikita – very effective in specific scenarios. However the flash area of effect (180 degrees atm.) and the long blindness time could be adjusted later (very probable). Nikita also mentioned that the gun was new so at the beginning everybody was using it, now the usage statistics go back to normal.

  • BSG is working on glasses so they will affect the flash bang effectiveness (duration/strength etc.) – not to be expected in 12.9

  • Monthly EFT server cost are around 50k-60k USD. Contract wars server cost was ~25k USD for 1 year.

  • RDG-2 smokes are smoking slow as in real-life. They can also be used as a gas grenade (you cannot breathe with the fumes). Nikita would like to add this effect to the game, however it remains in his "feature list document"

  • Other smokes, maybe in the future

  • The "linked search" buttons will come back to their previous layout. (expected in 12.9). They might still extend on that idea to make the context menu less cluttered

  • The elite level of the new inventory skill should give two slot in water filter, air filter, extra coins to stack in btc farm and in generator. And ability to craft two items at once (i think here they meant the other skill) [not sure about the translation here, discussion was interrupted here]

  • Any problems with bad spawning of PMC or Scavs (reserve glukhar) in front of the player – please record and report to BSG.

  • Q: How active community participants can help BSG with the bugs? Nikita: Write to community managers, use Bug reports, provide clips

  • Some backpack inventory problems was already fixed so that is nice.

  • Labs black room glass penetration: Nikita is not aware of the issue and its progress, he recommended to send more vids to document the problem


  • Woods expansion is expected to be before 2021 (if everything works out right)

  • Suggestion that will be checked by Nikita – to be able to report a bug while still within the same session (so the current log will be attached), as it was apparently like this before.

  • Audio bugs: When you hear somebody or when bots hear you through concrete as they should not be able to be heard like that (interchange street /inside etc.) – Nikita said to report it because the audio occlusion is made manually. They cannot make it automatic, because its too performance heavy. So they imitate it by "pre-baking" the occlusion zones. If you find any places where this mechanic behaves wrong. Record it at best from both perspectives and report to Bsg please (OPEN BETA guys! 🙂 ). you can even make in-game screenshots and add comments, because the map coordinates are automatically attached to the in-game report

  • IFAK and SALEWA as containers for meds will be maybe in Russia 2020 (the other project Nikita would like to work on). No change to make a med container was mentioned afaik.

  • Currently there are only ~30% of all expected attachments. 2/3 are still expected to come.

  • Nikita said that angled sights are only for the gameplay reasons. They are not common in real military because they are uncomfortable. However he doesn't want to get too crazy with realism hence it is in game.

  • "Today's war is changed: It's a fight between drones and infra-red's". This is the reality, no need to make something new.

  • The limits with attachments are made by purpose, because they are not completely implemented. With the current flexibility you could end up with a foregrip on top of the sights, which would still affect the gun statistics. Therefore Nikita dismissed this problem for later, because of the dependencies between attachments. Nikita has it noted. The main idea is to resemble the real-world modding capabilities of 3 platforms: AK, AR-15, Glock. Mainly AK and AR.

  • MRS-2000 (the marker for quests) should be able to be seen by PNV. It is used by search groups in real life. This is supposed to be in game as well (not in 12.9)

  • PK-06 – was removed because in real-life it is not as effective as depicted in game. It will be back to traders after it will get a "downgrading" update. Nikita: Keep buying in market.

  • OKP-7 maybe Bsg wiill merge both modes (green triangle and red nipple). OKP-7 is very fragile in real life, but Nikita can never start work on it because of the ongoing issues.

  • "Jumpa?" and Vector will come

  • According to Nikita HK416 should have a bigger recoil than AK, because the "gas barrel" moves together with the piston when firing [do we have a gunsmith here to help out?]. It is a hybrid between AK and AR systems. So Nikita made less recoil in HK for usability reasons, because this should be balanced in durability which was about to come in 2020 but its 2020…

  • Speculation: Fast nades (G-tap) will be not changed in near future. That's why nades have different fuze times, to not need adding cooking mechanics.

  • Nikita did scold public showing of game-breaking exploits in an attempt to fix them faster. It may put the reporter in the spotlight, but he prefers to be notified by a report and they will fix in in their time. It makes their life and already tight backlog harder, because they need to push current issues for later and fix the hot exploit, because everybody… well… exploits it.

  • Nikita wants to rebalance the game economy completely, however this is a big task and Nikita doesn't even have a time frame planned for it. Well, he did plan 2020 for that but we all already know how this year is going…

  • No AEK-971 in any near future

  • New attachment (collimator?) for AK with infra-red is being modeled atm.

  • BSG is constantly fighting with freezes, fps problems and netcode since years. These are complicated problems and they spend days and nights on it. [RANT]

  • The final (5th) RAID episode is NOT to be expected in 2020 – i.e. not earlier than Q1 2021

  • Future after RAID series: Ideas and will are there, however covid also did slow down the movie industry.

  • Test servers (someday in the future) will have the ability to change player hp. For example 1HP on head.

  • Weather forecast was planned as a service, however it is in the backlog somewhere because of current issues.

  • The magnification problems of scopes were acknowledged by the dev team and are being worked on. ETA unknown.

TL;DR: BSG is working hard on current issues, be grateful or get lost.


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