Some odd encounter on ps4

So where do I start,

I was playing with a newer player in a multicrew and we did some combat zone stuff (in the current community event system haithis or so). Another corvette joined the combat zone and you can guess attacked me. It was a pretty nice fight for my first real pvp experience im surprised I won (he had 32% hull left and combat logged). Nothing out of the ordinary yet. But during the fight I noticed when his shields went down he wasn't affected by the corrosion effect at least the debuff icon wasn't showing. But my emissive debuff was showing so I thought hey thats a bit wired but I kept on going. Then he made some let's say questionable maneuvers just letting me get behind him so I targeted his thrusters to prevent him from escaping. And well I hit them but they weren't taking damage. They already took damage mid-fight because he roasted himself with shield cell banks but didn't took any damage from my multicannons/lasers. Well I thought he might escape so time to finish him off quickly. Well that wasn't working either. as I mentioned the combat logged with 32% hull left. I shot him when he was at 32% and then the hull just would not drop for some reason. So my guess is that A: he was cheating which i don't really belive since he was on ps4 and I never heard that that was possible or B: My connection is poo poo ._. . My only argument against A is that I never heard that you can cheat on ps4. My argument against B is that during the fight nothing ported around the battlefield it was all running smoothly. So I came here to look for an answer :D. I don't take this seriously or so but I'm a bit mad. My first fight and then this but hey in the future I will take my opponent down >:D


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