Some stupid in among us (storytime)

Ok so this is all started when I joined a random lobby with about 10 players. When the game started, I was crewmate. We played until we reached a point where there were 4 people playing-pink, brown, black, and me (lime). I walked towards security and watched the cams. As I was watching, I noticed that the 3 other players were all grouped together hanging out in the area between Weapons and o2. They then walked away from cams, and were either in cafeteria or weapons. I did not know that they were going to group, so I was about to join them. Then all of a sudden, black's body was reported by pink. This made only 3 left-pink, brown, and me (lime). I knew that the imposter was either pink or brown. They both kept blaming each other, so it was a very hard choice. I had to pick either one, so I picked the person who reported the body (I had no idea who the imposter really was as I had no proof and an idea of who it was). Then all of a sudden, brown somehow hacked and changed his colour into yellow, even though he had a chance of winning this. This made pink somehow change his story and accuse me, even though he should've known that it was the hacker who killed. I wasn't even near the body, I was in cams this whole time, and I wasn't the hacker. He also should've seen the imposter kill, and had to know that it was yellow. It was too late and I couldn't change the vote, and pink got voted out- he was not the imposter. When we got back into the lobby, pink kept accusing me that I was hacking, even though he should've known that I was lime this entire time. Then the host started the game, but as soon as we got our roles, the screen was black (this was probably the doing of the hacker). So we left. The thing I wonder is that why would pink start accusing me that I was imposter even though he was saying that it was the hacker who changed his color. At the start, he knew it wasn't me, so he must've saw the imposter killing black. It just doesn't make any sense! That is my story. (Sorry if this sounded confusing).


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