Some thoughts on Dailies

Just to be clear, I know this is a first pass at a new system. I like that it’s in the game, and I’m excited to see what this turns into.

The Pros:
In tasks that I need to acquire random things like 3 LCD’s or gunpowder it gives value to items that otherwise are worthless.

not all of us have the same ones this is really good to keep things dynamic.

It’s a decent way to farm XP if you’re looking to level.

The Cons:
The tasks feel repetitive, from what I see every 24 hour reset there’s a vendor that wants you to kill scavs or PMC’s a vendor that wants 3-5 items and a vendor that wants you to survive. The tasks aren’t bad but I only get variations of those 3 tasks I mentioned

The rewards are random and sometimes kinda suck but that’s not a huge negative IMO

Personally i think it’s a good first iteration that needs verity to stay fresh.
If some dailies were like the golden pocket watch where we would need to go to customs and look in the trunk of the car at roadblock for a package , that would make people go off the normal pathing they do and create new situations to fight other players.

Just my 2 cents, good luck out there bois


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