Some tips with Python, pls ><

Hello Commanders

I bought a Python, her name is Diana, I need some advice from you

I was core mining with a Cobra MKIII, I needed a bigger ship, but one that has the ability to defend itself too, so I found DIana

I gathered some credits, and bought her

As soon as I bought her, I went to do my core mining, got 50 million CR in one go, and that because I didn't fill her total load, it was half full. And halfway there, a pirate tried to steal me, but she made sure he never steals again

So, now I'm on the LHS 184 system, I just sold this 50 million cargo

Currently she is like this , has empty slots because they were the necessary things for core mining

I want to prepare her for exploration / combat, but I have no idea how to do it, now I'm going to settle the business with Felicity Farseer, and i'll googled more about engineering

Could you give me some tips? Especially about her build

In fact, maybe she’s not even good at exploring, but i don't care, I really liked her

On credits, if it's over, I can always core mining a little bit more. I love to see asteroids exploding haha


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