Somebody once said the Plains was the most relaxing area of the game – I thought that person was a psychopath.

New Valheim update

Today I'm inclined to agree with them.

For a while now I've just been living in the Mountains, only recently venturing into the Plains for quick raids to farm Cloudberries and maybe some Lox if I had a good spot to trick them into getting stuck. But I finally grew the balls to tackle my first Fuling camp solo (thank you Youtube/Reddit) – and now I'm up to about 10 successfully taken down and I think I've only died twice (from being dumb and not paying attention).

Now I'm at the point where I'm casually just running through the Plains naked, exploring, I have two small bases/farms in the Plains – and I could care less about Deathsquitos. And the best part, my base is rarely ever under threat. Unlike the cracked out Greydwarves in the Black Forest that are constantly trying to steal your copper and the annoying ass Drakes that constantly have to harass my same 1 workbench every 5 minutes in the Mountains – the Plains is very relaxing by contrast.

Take it from me, a person who was scared to death of the Plains for the longest time – once you're geared up decently, as long as you play it smart, Fuling camps are a cakewalk.



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