Someone stole my account.

Funny thing, Somebody stole my account and then changed the email and the password, I immediately contacted Epic Games and they said to proof to them that the account is mine,

This is what they said:

"We need you to please provide the following information:1.) Your public IP address(es) (IPv4), which you can find by searching "What is my IP address" in your internet browser. Note that you have to turn off all VPN and traffic acceleration services before searching for your IP address. If you use multiple connections or devices, please include all their IP addresses.2.) Original display name for the account3.) Names of any PlayStation, Switch, Twitch, or Xbox accounts connected to your Epic Games account4.) Locations (city, state/province) where you made purchases on the account5.) Last 4 digits of the first payment card used on the account6.) An invoice ID or transaction number for any Epic Games purchase you made on the account (the Invoice ID begins with an "A," followed by 8 to 9 digits; example: A1234567, the transaction number can be found in your emailed Xsolla receipt. Please note that the number is a nine-digit string starting with a “4” or “5.”)7.) Screenshot of your oldest available receipt made on this Epic Games account (PC/PlayStation/Xbox/Nintendo/Apple/Samsung)."

I sent them every proof they wanted but! the last one is hard to do since the hacker had acess to my gmail and DELETED any receipt so it's IMPOSSIBLE to get what belongs to me! They should support us the same way we support them and help us.

BTW I spent over 100€ or more in Fortnite

I sent them a receipt of a purchase that I made in ps4, Fortnite Club but they dont wanted it, they want one that was in my mailbox. –

I'm losing the hope.


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