Something fishy about the admins on a comfortable server

Moderators, I don't know where else to post this while being anonymous. This is a throw away account and I won't be logging into it after this is posted.

As a player on what is touted as a large, comfortable, multiplayer Valheim server, I work hard each day to earn what I have. But I think others are gaining the same through favors due to friendship or something else. The most recent example of this is my reason for posting. A person (I'll call the person Questionable) joined the server very recently (about a month ago), and quickly made the highest ranks of builder, slayer, and merchant (these are the guilds of the server, and each has lots of tasks to rank up). If this was just because Questionable is good at the game it would be great, but to me and others something doesn’t seem right.

First, within days of joining the server Questionable placed 3rd in a secret contest where no one could see what Questionable submitted. Afterwards Questionable quickly got a commission from the admins. A commission is required to get the highest rank (Artisan) of builder on the server. Besides receiving that contract, Questionable was awarded the "creator" role, a new role that only Questionable had that allowed Questionable to build without cost and access to administrator powers and items.

Next, Questionable has said plenty of times they aren’t good at the game when it comes to combat, survival, or adventuring. That’s perfectly fine, not everyone is good at everything; but it makes it hard to believe how Questionable achieved the highest rank of the Slayer role in such a short time after getting the Artisan title. This role requires participating in difficult raids, PVP, and assisting many other players while also gathering materials by going out in the world and exploring. A big task for someone who just over a week ago admitted they had no equipment. Oh, and one of the requirements for ranks in slayer is high stats in all skill abilities. Two weeks ago, Questionable had several skills that were at 0 (they posted screenshots in discord).

And today Questionable said they got the highest rank in all three roles which means somehow Questionable had the time to do all the merchant requirements as well. For most people they haven’t gained one top rank even though they have been here forever, but Questionable has achieved all 3.

Now I know this sounds salty because it is. I’m not going to try to claim it is anything else. But it is raising red flags for me and other players I have talked to about how the admins run this server. These roles that others are working so hard to get are just given to someone who openly admits they have no way to complete them. It makes the hard work everyone else puts in to get these titles worthless. The admins put these roles and quests out so they could be a player's personal journey, but it seems this person just mooched off others to get the roles for herself. On top of that, Questionable gloats about getting what no one else could achieve first.

Two final notes. One, if this were anyone else, the admins would have already banned them for cheating. Two, Questionable is not the only one who is getting unfair advantage. Random new players are suddenly admins and creators on the server that just appear out of nowhere. Admins, could we have a little more transparency and a little less nepotism please, thanks. Hey, if they are paying money to buy their way to the top, or famous celebrities, or your little sister, that’s cool, just say so.


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