Somethings I would love to see in odyssey(which most likely won’t happen)

First off, I understand no ship interiors. It's kinda hard to model multiple ships longer than a football field. But at least model a small room for disembarking. Don't just teleport us out of the ship. Make us leave the chair, where it then fades to black. Visuals fade back in, and we are in an airlock, pushing an open button for the door/ramp/elevator/ladder, depending on the ship. Let us walk down climb down or ride down and then give us control. A lot easier than modeling the whole ship. Give SRV embarking the option of telepresence, which will make you unable to disembark the SRV, but if you are blown up you are safely teleported back to the ship. If you die while not in you ship, make it so you only have to rebuy personal equipment, but you now have to pay a shipping fee to get your ship back. It won't be destroyed, and you can reembark it through means of physical multicrew taxis. Now, federal dropship. Give it an exclusive drop pod module. Give it a safe distance for drop, where you aren't harmed or killed on impact, which is determined through gravity. Have 5 to 10 people per pod, which are ejected out and can disembark the pod on impact, or wait in the pod, shutting down optional equipment like landing dampeners after touchdown to conceal your heart signature so you can ambush your prey. Last idea. Give passenger cabins live feeds, give probe the ability to chat with their passengers (through dialogue options or other means) and depending on how nice you are and what class cabin they are in, they may give a tip for hospitality. If it's a criminal on the feed, maybe you can see drugs or weapons that they smuggled on board, and they lose satisfaction the longer you are on the live feed. Just some ideas I really want to happen that probably won't.


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