Spawning in as scav on customs consistently at 10-13 minutes left.

so before very recently aka 2-3 days ago I would be getting Scav runs between 30-36 minute start timers on customs when the game is still very active with PMCs. Recently Though in the last 2-3 days ive been getting spawned in on 12 minute customs maps, everything is looted and it is just a scav on scav bloodbath until you extract. All the good loot is taken and there is no rags to riches plays that one could go for in the past. I don't think this is good for the game specifically because they plan to create a karma system. If you make scavs join in with barely any time left the only people to fight are other scavs because nearly all PMCs will have extracted or died and been Looted clean. Don't get me wrong im all for a karma system as I hate eating shit to player scavs acting like ai scavs and putting a bullet in my head as I run past them. I don't know if im just getting unlucky or if this is happening to every else as well but i seriously feel its a step in the wrong direction for Scav games


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