Spawns make me dread Delivery from the past even more.

Every time I've spawned on factory on this wipe it's been on that back room near fork lifts so I have to fight through all the spawns on that side of the map. And if I'm doing this task I'm so anxious and jittery that i play like a fucking potato which makes it frustrating. I already tried it once earlier and been avoiding it so much that I lost motivation to continue other quest lines either since Prapor rep is way behind others. I've done it twice on wipes before but these spawns make it so much worse for me since earlier i remember spawning a lot to the nearest spawn to quest or glass hallway(aforementioned disabled in that case?) then which gave me some optimism. I have updated my pc since last wipe but I've understood there has also been some change in game that makes first to load to always spawn on certain spot? I also now always spawn trailer park on customs..


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