Speculation about the nature of Dynamic Loot

I've been musing about Dynamic Loot, what the current changes really were, and what the future could hold.

Perhaps Dynamic Loot means that some or all loot now spawns "just in time"? For example, high tier loot might only spawn/show when the doors are unlocked or when someone is in close proximity?

If that is the case (or becomes the case), then perhaps player Bob could find different loot to player Alice. Or maybe opening a door later in-raid might spawn different loot than if you rushed it. Or maybe opening the door swaps out the current loot, after sending a cheater across the map chasing a prized keycard. Or every locked room is full to the brim with loot, most of which randomly disappears when you unlock the door.

I guess the only people who could answer this definitively are BSG employees. Cheaters and curious hackers could give some insight too, I'm sure.

Why do I even bring this up? Because of the last couple of "Pogcasts", Veritas reported chatting with Nikita and a possible bugfix related to loot in keycard secured rooms. Why would the door type matter, if the loot's location was already there at raid start, I thought.

Why is this interesting, you may ask? If I'm right, it would greatly diminish the value of loot ESP. More importantly it would be a sign that BSG is starting to tackle some information security shortfalls, and that idea makes me happy.

(For the unfamiliar, there have been many issues with loot ESP in the past, with reports of cheaters knowing what loot is behind locked doors, in loot containers, on players, etc.)

TL;DR what if dynamic loot is actually some loot changing/appearing during the raid, and is no longer 100% predetermined/known by clients at start of raid? (edit: added clarity to tl;dr)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q6jzf9/speculation_about_the_nature_of_dynamic_loot/

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