Spirit vs LGD in finals, LGD takes aegis, TI6 flashbacks

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Been routing for LGD for the last 2 years now, and i think this is their time, and i think this TI is going to mimic alot of the same energy we had around TI6.

As of day 4, team spirit has:

– come in as a relative unknown wildcard factor

– done well in groups, but been knocked down to lower bracket early

– fought and scrapped their way through lower bracket, taking out defending champs (ti6 EG ti10 OG) and generally gaining crazy momentum

– represented a woefully underperforming region from the position of the 2nd best

– stuck it out as the last non-chinese contender in the late stage TI bracket

There are probably 10000 more parallels you could draw, but i think the most important thing is just the "feel" i get when I'm watching these guys play, getting swept up in the hype of their crazy momentum that seems to have come out of nowhere feels so similar to the air of "destiny" that seemed to be with DC on their ti6 run.

Ofc, i also think that the auspicious nature of the returning wings vets on LGD and their generally similar dominance of both the DPC and this TI, i think they take their series with secret, then we get secret vs spirit (with what we can only fucking PRAY will be as hype of games as DC vs EG) and then i think LGD stomps out Spirit in the finals (again, hopefully with some memey techies pickup by LGD halfway through)

Thats my admittedly superstitious take on it, but lets see how it plays out

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q8t7uy/spirit_vs_lgd_in_finals_lgd_takes_aegis_ti6/

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