[Spoiler] Performance of favourite teams (EG, OG, LGD) in TI 10 Day 1.

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  • In four matches today against Quincy Crew and Team Spirit, LGD used 18 different heroes. (Lina and Wyvern used twice), currently leading Group B.
  • OG is looking extremely good (a bit unexpected?), currently tied with iG and VP in Group A. Sumail especially has a very good Game 1, probably boosting OG's confidence. OG also showed its tenacity when it was under tremendous pressure from VP.
  • Favourite EG lost to iG. Think EG was outplayed more than outdrafted.


  • Secret entered TI mode, 0-2 against Beastcoast.
  • Aster lost all matches today with the standin.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q3k83q/spoiler_performance_of_favourite_teams_eg_og_lgd/

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