SRV in Odyssey

Is it just me or is the SRV completely useless beyond stomping scavengers in low security settlements?

  • terrible mobility, uncontrollable spinning if you want go faster than a snail, gets stuck on everything
  • large hitbox but still extremely squishy
  • no repair macro
  • no modules/upgrades/engineering (a shield cell bank or point defense would give it purpose again
  • attacked by everything (ships, goliaths, turrets, on-foot) but can't do shit against anything but on-foot enemies
  • attacked while you are on-foot, enemies actively seek it out
  • [edit] enemies chicken out after a single hit, hide behind cover until shield is full, come back for a few shots and repeat

It feels better to just bunker up in a building and shoot entering enemies one by one rather than strategically placing the SRV behind a wall, baiting enemies there and jumping into it. By the time you have turret controls up, shields are already down


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