ST bronze package can’t keep up in points with other factions

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

So, I have been trying to build an alzur-francesca deck and one of the main problems I keep running into is a weak bronze package. People have been complaining about ST bronzes and while I kinda understood what they were saying, I never fully grasped the reason behind it. That is until now. I wanted to start a discussion about this and see what others think about this situation.

Not all bronze packages are going to work independently, but I feel like it is important for a faction to have some semblance of this as it make creating decks more diverse and flexible.

Elves and symbiosis are pretty decent packages if you are willing to stick to their respective archetypes but I haven't seen any other deck outside use these cards to good effect.

Dwarves have been the go to bronzes for quite sometime. While on their own, they lacked the power to create a full fledged archetype, they were strong enough to support various archetype such as Harmony and control decks. However, not only have these cards been powercrept, the nerf to Novigradian Justice was a total blow to this package.

Movement is also an okay okay package. Both in its own archetype and otherwise, they trade evenly with the provisions but that is not enough anymore. Without dol blathana sentries, they lack some serious horse power.

And finally Harmony? Forget about it.

Any positive take aways? For all the flack that then new bronzes have been getting, I think they are pretty good. Both sorcesses and whisperess are good proactive play, especially on blue coin. But don't do well against control decks. Elves and dryads are still strong and there is potential for a powerful poison package but I don't know if we will ever see it come to fruition.


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