ST no unit decks

the witcher and ciri gwent

I wonder why I don't see anybody complaining about this awful archtype. I don't get easily salty but playing with 3 no unit decks in a row made me forfeit the game as soon as I saw the forth opponent was again ST with the same archtype. I mean, you can play whatever you want but it irritates me that most people here only get angry when a specific faction like NG or MO receive some strong buffs.

In three previous matches I've witnessed my engines get sluaghterred by all kinds of removal cards like bombs/rebuke/heatwave/Gerlat: PO and the list goes on.

The only time I could win a match against them was when I used Vilgofertz against their Madoc bc I ran out of choices to answer it and he summomed their almighty Gord. the funny thing is when my opponent saw Gord on their board they just forfeited. For a second I had this thought it wouldn't be that bad to run a mill deck even though I hate it more than any of you.

You see, Toxic decks give birth to even more toxic decks and it's not just about one faction.


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