Standard Account vs EoD Account (both??)

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I've always stuck to my standard account, I find the grinding from the bare bones beginning tons of fun. However, now that I'm in college and working again, I don't often have as much time as I would like. So things take longer to complete, making the joy of achievement less frequent, so lately I have been wishing I could just hop on an EoD account and chill a bit. However, I really love having that standard account name to flex on them EoDs. I just wish I could pick and choose what the EoD entails. So I was considering buying a separate EoD account from my main Standard account.

I don't want to upgrade my standard account to EoD because I don't want to "pollute" the standard account

I don't want to stick to the standard account because lack of time makes it difficult to enjoy the game

I want to buy a new (separate) EoD account so that I don't miss future content like DLC but don't "stain" my standard account.

I don't want to buy a new (seperate) account because it will make things more complicated than necessary and will divide my time too much to get anything done.

rn I am mostly considering buying a seperate EoD and then buying an Alpha Container to use, deal with the fact that my stash is larger and that my name card has a star next to it. But I will then have the benefits of an EoD account, but if I ever feel the need/have the time I can then use the standard.

any advice? what do you guys think? anyone who played on standard for a while then switched to eod, how was it? I just don't want to feel like I cheated… but maybe Ill get over it



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