Started a new world and looking for people to join me

New Valheim update

Hello everyone!

I recently started a new Valheim world (seed:WB6GpFLiSh) and I've only beaten the first boss. I'm looking for more people to join my dedicated server and build/ adventure/ beat boss/ and grow a server with. I'm new to asking people to join my online games but not new to Valheim.

I would like to start a long term server to play with a group of people. I'm laidback and want to build a server together. If you want to join, you can lay claim to some land and build a village/ city whatever. We can trade and go on quest, mine together or whatever!

I've been playing and loving Valheim since its release but it get lonely. I typically don't play muliplayer, because I'm more of a casual player and love to use creativity, mental storytelling and planning to build with on these sandbox games. But after some time it does get lonely wondering through my creations by myself. (sounds sad lol)

Like I said my server is new, I found a good location I'm building some farms at and have some great ideas for castle builds and ports. I like to build roads and bridges that span great distances and would like to build a little world in Valheim. I

Comment or message me so we can get the communication started!

Thanks for reading


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