Started playing a week ago and I feel a bit disheartened now.

Yennefer's Journey

About two weeks ago I got Thronebreaker and after I was done with it I liked it so much that I immediatly started playing Gwent, it has been a plast so far and it has been really fun creating my own deck and everything. I immediately got the Journey for Tris today and was pretty excited for my first "real" season to rank up.

I've been reading this sub pretty actively and now I've seen that apparently people that start from today onward get starter sets with tons of good golden meta cards costing 10k+ scraps for every faction. Many people here said that it would take several Months of active playing to even get close to create such a collection.

Now the matches themself are still a lot of fun, but I just always have this bad feeling now that I am way behind, not just to the people that have played for years (no problem with that obviously), but also to every single person that is gonna start this game in the next +-6 Months.

I would just start a new account, but I already paid for Tris her Journey and linked this account to Thronebreaker. This situation kinda took away all my excitment that I had for the game.

So yeah, should I just try to push through the next few Months and hope that I eventually catch up to everyone else? Is it even possible to link my Thronebreaker account to another Gwent account? If not creating a new account rly doesn't seem like an option for me at all.

Or is there maybe hope that the Devs will compensate the people that started recently either with the new starter cards or some scrap at least?


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