Starter Pack Questions

I am one of the players who has been buying the starter packs to keep my collection book at max level. I see it as a way of continuing to support the game and I get v bucks, the skin and x ray tickets for doing so. However it annoys me that I pay for access to the game too and get nothing for this, as I already have this. This raises a number of questions to me

  1. If I am buying the game again, why do I not get the ability to start up another account? If I received a gift voucher for the game, I could either gift the game to myself or to another who does not play it?

  2. If not a gift voucher, why is there no compensation in terms of extra x ray tickets for people who already own the game?

  3. Finally, are the starter packs going to go on rotation now or are we going to be continually asked to buy a reskin of a hero every ventures season?

I have noticed a lot of players seem to have a bot account for BR where they can simply leave the game before landing and this enables them to play in a lobby full of bots with their main account and in turn complete the challenges more easily. This behaviour seems to be encouraged rather than discouraged by Epic as it inflates their BR active numbers and continues to give the impression that the game is growing, as they make no effort to distinguish unique active players. This seems directly the opposite situation to STW, where buying more access to the game does not actually give you more access to the game!

I know a few players who have 2 or more accounts and actually keep playing the game again from scratch. I don’t think I would be doing this, but it seems very wrong to me that having paid to access the game 6 times, I only can play once!

Am I the only person who has these thoughts?


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