Starting my fourth playthrough.

I started my Fourth playthrough today.

My first playthrough was quick because I used the "imacheater" commands to expedite building, crafting and overall progress through the gameplay.

My second playthrough took over 250 hours. No F5ing at all, 100% legit. Took my time and maxed out all of my hear before tackling each biome's boss. Most satisfying playthrough for sure.

My third playthrough was to experience the game with ALL the mods. I got to the point where I had defeated boss #4 and was in the Plains preparing for the fifth boss but I was stupid and used devcommands as shortcuts to reduce grinding. I had also configured too many mods to give me double drops, reduce stamina usage too much, and just make it too easy.

Now, in my fourth playthrough I have reconfigured aforementioned mods to be more "vanilla" as far as drops, game difficulty, and progression. I am using creature and loot control to empower the mobs to maximum difficulty, as well as epic loot to make sure I have gear to help me handle it. In total I am currently running 95 mods and I'm excited to carefully progress through the game without touching my F5 key at all. My new world is named "GoingLegit" and the seed is D0ntCh3at. My newly created character Magnus is ready for what lies ahead.

TLDR; don't cheat, it ruins the experience. I mean, yeah it makes things easier but at the cost of the experience.


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