Starting the new year right

Posting this update as an additional thank you to everyone who helps here 07.
After losing my type 9 heavy last year and kitting an alliance challenger for mining , I have now added a type 7 mining kitted to my fleet.
I never did fill the type 9 600 ton cargo and fill the 80 ton on the challenger fast.
So I went back to what i 1st ever used, the type 7.
I am dedicating the challenger to salvage runs.
So being very close to elite in combat and trade, i am role playing an owner of a mining and salvage conpany)
I have also given up on core mining since after knowing what I am doing I still come across one randomly every 3 days. In that time I can missle bore and laser the hell out of a roid.

My asp explorer will get me elite explorer soon enough also.
I cant wait to post badge pictures.

So, after 2 yrs real time (ish) casual play…
I am now set to honor my federal warrent officer rank.
Thanks Again Commanders!

-Sir Gargonox


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