Starting to lose hope- BSG has a large shoe to fill (ADDICTING/TRASH?)

This might be a shit take but i am genuinely curious at what peoples thoughts are on this.

Let me start by saying that the gameplay is truly unique, invigorating and remarkable, aligned with a structure like none other that keeps you coming back for more. However, the level of RNG and roulette-style gambling is toxic. I realize the RNG aspects to this game make the game what it is, but they stack on top of each other to become one of the most addicting games I have ever experienced.

Oh you want space in your inventory? BUY AN UPGRADED VERSION (AGAIN)

You just spent 3x the base cost of the game to still suck? PLAY LONGER AND HARDER TO GG

You just lost all of your gear? KIT UP ONE LAST TIME TO GET IT ALL BACK

Dont wanna play the game? YOU JUST PAID 140 FOR A BROKEN BETA

The level of RNG gambling and prior investment motivation in this game, even when the risk is as low as possible (pistol/hatchet), is addictive as shit.

I feel like BSG really needs to push improvements in this game immediately if they want this game to have any longevity. People will always be coming back, but even my friends who have been around for 2-3 plus WIPES are getting bored of the game. Shit netcode, regular desync, visual and physical bugs, along with hackers running absolutely fucking rampant lately. This game has so much potential but I just cannot help but feel the time and grind is hardly worth it when a game is so loosely jank.

I love this game, I really do. I am level 41 with over 40 mill. and feel like I have done good for my first wipe so far. But the gamble is hardly worth it when the game itself is so loosely tied together. Idk if its the recent spike in hackers or what, but the past few days on this game have been absolutely terrible.

If you make an addictive game, at least completely make the game. Or no?

In advance, i will suck it up, go play harder, and GG.

Won won won wonton SUKA!

edit: typo,

also: yes just attack me personally instead of having a discussion on how this game could be improved for its playerbase. praise NIKITA


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