Stash manegement

I’m a fairly new player (only lvl 9) and I’ve only done a few tasks but I’m now trying to advance and want to complete more tasks and also upgrade my hideout. However, I feel quite overwhelmed while looking at my stash. I’ve been collecting a lot of items which I‘m quite sure I will be needing for future upgrades/tasks. I’m at a point right now where I’m almost getting burned out by just opening my stash…. any idea on how I should handle it?? I’m deff spending more time in my char screen than doing raids, which kinda sux.

Also, since I’m only level 9 I don’t have access to the flea market yet, but I’ve googled some of the items in my stash and found out that they sell a lot higher on the flea market than to my traders. I understand that the market value of an item can change but right now I have no idea on what to hold on to and rather sell on the flea market, nor trader. I understand that there is also a cut depending on the value of the item(?).

Anyways, I love the game but would like some assistance 🙂


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