State of the Game – I prefer Low-Prio to Normal Play

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I know this is going to sound wild- but let me explain. I hover between 3.5k and 3k mmr at any given point. I play with a lot of friends that are legend 5 ancient 1- etc. Those games are usually fun, but in my normal solo play ranked and unranked I run into griefers, and toxic players that just completely give up after something inconvenient happens. So a few weeks ago I rage quit out of a game after our mid decided to just shadow amulet inside some trees.

I got 5 games of low prio. I found that the single draft game mode + having to win to get out of low prio and the huge swings that happen in these games makes them way more fun than normal play.

And i find myself now once every so often in a toxic ass game, just abandoning to save the rest of my team the pain, putting myself on low prio- and enjoying the climb out way more than any other game type…

Kinda sad, but its the truth.

edit. Whats also weird, is the amount of people that just straight give up/abandon/shadow amulet in the trees- is less in Low Prio, i can't explain it but it has to do with having to win to get out. People can still be toxic as hell, but it usually doesnt bother me or i mute them, but at least they'll keep playing to win.

tl;dr I prefer low-prio to any game type


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