state of traders/flea seems dumb

ive heard about bsg wanting to remove the flea and only keep traders and i get why. i also feel like grinding so hard to get max traders and them only having limited amounts of stock on certain items is dumb and not worth while. especially if they restock after an hour or 30 minutes or whenever their timers run out, its just a waste of time at that point.

for some items this is a non issue because theres enough stock/not a lot of demand and thats fine but there's no point in limiting the amount of bullets/items you can purchase from a trader. if the item is too broken to let someone purchase a large quantity why not increase the price/decrease the spawn rate/not let a trader sell that item?

and if you have rubles, you are buying any item you want at any quantity, so it really is a non issue for these players. if anything it just wastes their time or makes them spend extra rubles to get a certain item. if you dont have as much money then you are locked to the traders waiting to run the gear you want to run. this has impact especially this late into wipe when if you arent running one of the best ammo types then it makes it very hard to compete with other players.

also setting item limit buys and only having limited quantities will drive the price of an item up. this is problematic for mid level players who cant dedicate a bunch of time to the game and imo when everyone is trying to buy one bullet type and its 25k a round (m995 and m55a1) it encourages people to just hachet run because you aren't gonna be able to afford any of that shit.


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